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ng Univers■ity's new el○ectronic games ○class popular with s◆tudentsPeking Univer〓sity's new electro〓nic games class ●popular with studen●ts03-23-2018 19●:46 BJTPeking Un●iversity ope■ned a new course on● electronic gam●es this semes〓ter, and studen●ts have respo◆nded with tremend■ous enthus〓iasm amid t●he fast-developing ◆game industry in〓 China, Beijing New●s reported.The〓 optional co

  • party○ after launch○ing the Alisports ■World Electron●ic Sports Games〓 in March 201●6, with
  • 1,200 ●events planned ac■ross 15 Chinese ci■ties. Another Ch●ines
  • e tech giant, N〓etEase, is also tr○ying to develop an○ e-spor

urs■e General Theory ○of Electroni■c Games, which is ●open to all stu●dents, was des〓igned to accomm◆odate 120 students● but attracted ○about 200 for t●he first two l

esso■ns."The cour■se does not te●ach students how● to play elec■tronic games,〓 but t

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the course in〓str

uctor and ◆deputy professor of◆ the School of● Electronic Enginee○ring & C●omputer Scie

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nce.C●hen wants the co○urse content t〓o have variety.A●part from hi●s own lectures◆, he invited ●guests to talk to ●students, inclu■ding a team

〓 with firsthand e○xperience in de●veloping g●ames, an alumna

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